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Guinness Cafe Mocha
Tequila Rose


Premium Cheesecakes

Premium Con't
Apple Caramel Crumble
Triple Chocolate Skor
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
Ferra Rocher
Black Forest
Pumpkin Spice
White Chocolate Rasberry
Matcha Green Tea & Peppermint
Cafe' Mocha
Maple Pecan Crumble
Strawberry Custard Shortcake
Chocolate Orange
Chocolate Rasberry
Chocolate Mint
Sticky Toffee Pudding
German Chocolate 
Mars Bar

Red Velvet
Coconut Cream
Creme Brulee
Key Lime
Key Lime Rasberry
Orange Dreamsicle
Lemon Cream
Lemon Meringue
Lemon Rasberry

Banana Cream

Banana Split
Cotton Candy
Vanilla Caramel
Vanilla Chocolate Cherry
Reese's Pieces
Peach Rasberry
Blue Berry Peach
Strawberry Rhubarb
Strawberry Banana

Menu At a Glance

Cherry, Strawberry or Blueberry

New flavours always being added! Feel free to make a suggestion

Ask us about our vegan, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free options

** Many of Mama Misfit's baked goods DO NOT contain nuts, while she does her best to keep all recipes
and ingredients separate unfortunately Mama can NOT Guarantee that any of her products are 'nut free' **


Ordering & Pricing

Custom Orders & Delivery

Please Order 24 - 48 hrs in advance for smaller orders, and at least 72hrs in advance for large orders. Thank You!

Delivery in Welland $5, elsewhere in the Niagara Region $10

**Taxes Extra**


Cupcake Cheesecakes
$3.00 each, 6/$16.50, 12/$31.50

Small Cheesecake (Serves 1 - 2)


Medium Cheesecake (serves 4 - 6)
$12.75 regular, $13.50 Premium
Large Cheesecake (Serves 8 - 10)
$14.50 regular, $15.50 Premium
XL Cheesecake (Serves 12+)
$21.50 Regular $23.50 Premium
Booze Infused
Sm - $7.50 Md - $14.50 Lg - $16.50 XL -$25

Mama Misfit's Cheesecakery is your go-to source for fresh, decadent and inventive cheesecakes and baked goods! Made in a certified, inspected kitchen!

Caitlin Nicholesen: Owner
905 - 324 - 0957

77 West Main St. 
Welland, Ontario

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Mama Misfit's Manifesto

Written by Caitlin Nicholsen c. 2017

Yes I am a misfit, I've always been.
I knew that falling into line
wasn't the only way to win.
Love others; all others, no matter lifestyle or creed.
Give a hand up, not a kick down, to those in need.
Find the beauty in all things, even the scary.
Know that just 'cause something's different,
you needn't always be wary.
Lend your voice to those without.
In the face of injustice, scream and shout.
Take a stand, don't be afraid,
for without resistance, change will never be made.
So don't fall into line, as easy as it seems.
Stay true to your convictions and swim upstream.
Just as birds of a feather, you will find many line in mind.
Stay true to your selves be true, and to others be kind.
Love even those who'll try to discourage you and me.
For it is the misfits like us, who are truly free.



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